Photography Workshop Preparation


Preparation for a photography workshop is important to ensure that you can make the most of your experience right from the start. Here are some things to consider, and don’t write any of these off as being too simple because I’ve seen all of these areas as problems in workshops.

  1. Know your camera. Don’t buy a camera just before the photo workshop and expect to learn it while in attendance. Spend time shooting with it so you’re at least comfortable with the basics.
  2. Carry enough memory cards. It can be difficult and expensive to run out of memory card space and have to buy cards on location.
  3. Carry enough batteries. One camera battery simply isn’t enough. Two batteries should be a minimum, and three is even better.
  4. Take the gear most appropriate for the photo workshop. Usually, you can tell what you’ll need from the topic of the workshop or the location, but you can always ask the instructor to see what would be most appropriate.
  5. Wear comfortable walking or hiking shoes. Never buy new ones just before your trip.
  6. Be prepared for the weather and changes in weather.  Ask your instructor to give you some ideas as to what to wear, and check weather reports to see what’s most likely at your location. If you don’t have the right rain gear or cold-weather gear and you need it, you’ll become frustrated by the experience.