Join award winning wildlife photographer Dawn Wilson for a guided photography tour of Rocky Mountain National Park to focus on photographing the wildlife of the Rocky Mountains. Tours will be customized based on the best opportunities for wildlife viewing and photography for the season such as moose babies in early summer, small mammals of the high country in late summer and elk during the fall rut. Rocky Mountain National Park offers a wealth of wildlife opportunities thanks to its wide varieties of elevations - from lower elevations in the town of Estes Park to alpine animals at 12,000 feet on Trail Ridge Road.

Dawn Wilson is a professional and award-winning wildlife photographer specializing in the wildlife of high latitudes and high altitudes of the Rocky Mountains and Alaska. She was recently named on of America's top 10 female wildlife photographers.  She has photographed wildlife of all sizes from the arctic of Alaska to the birds of the Gulf Coast. She recently wrapped up 15 months on the road in an RV to photograph, document and write about the wildlife of North America. Her work has appeared in numerous publications, including Outdoor Photographer, Wyoming Wildlife, Defenders of Wildlife, and Motorhome, among others. Her work is included in art collections throughout the U.S. and has even appeared internationally in Mexico.

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Client Testimonial:    On my recent trip to Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park, I contracted a photo trip with Bob Maynard’s Colorado Plateau Photo Tours. I reviewed several tour photographers before choosing Bob’s company. I have no doubt that I made the right choice.  As part of my research, I examined sample work provided by each company and discovered Bob’s was hands down the best of the bunch.

Bob assigned Dawn Wilson to work with me because I was mainly interested in wildlife photography which is her specialty. (They are both excellent wildlife and landscape photographers.) Dawn tailor-made my tour by focusing on what was most important to me. We started early for a sunrise shoot at Dream Lake with a gorgeous view of Flattop Mountain and Hallet’s Peak. Since I don’t have a lot of experience with landscape photography, Dawn helped with composition and settings to capture the best images. Had I done it alone, it would have taken multiple days to get the shot as she helped me find the best locations and the sun moves so fast that you only have a couple of minutes to get prime images. After working on landscape photos, we started on our search for Big Horn Sheep. The sheep did not cooperate with us that day but along the way we photographed elk, marmots, pika, (SO cute!) red tail hawks, turkey’s, some fun shots of Magpies and shots of a few waterfalls. Dawn went out of her way help me get the photos I wanted even if the animals were in hiding that day. She took extra time with me to go over the shots we captured and offered both critiques as well as processing suggestions. Dawn is an award winning photographer and I was honored to be on the tour with her as my guide.

 As a side note, I also acquired a copy of Bob’s book on photographing Colorado. This is a great book!  I only wish that I had it before the trip. I strongly urge you to read it BEFORE you go. Bob’s book gives specific instructions on when, where and how to take certain images as well as some great back stories on what you will see in Colorado. I highly recommend it.      Dennis M    August, 2017