Zuni Pueblo, New Mexico

December 2-4, 2017




Join me May 6–8 in Zuni Pueblo, New Mexico,
for a 3 Day Photography and Cultural Experience with Zuni elder Kenny Bowekaty.

May 6 is their annual spring festival. We will have reserved space at the fairgrounds for optimal photography of the dance events. This is one of only 2 annual events when the participants are wearing “high regalia” costumes and that photography is allowed. Our event will include:

  • Night photography at the Village of the Great Kivas
  • Day photography at Badger Springs, a half-mile long cliff with hundreds of unusual petroglyphs, and Village of the Great Kivas
  • Reserved seating for the dancing events
  • A private modeling/photography session with Zuni in high regalia at an indoor location
  • Classroom sessions with elder Kenny Bowekaty speaking on Zuni culture, history and customs
  • Two traditional Zuni meals
  • Tour of the Seven Cities of Cibola.

The Zuni are one of the more interesting tribes of the desert southwest.  Their ancestors were the basketmakers and pueblo builders of the Anasazi.   The Zuni Pueblo was the “base camp” of Coronado during his search for the Seven Cities of Cibola and a nearby pueblo was the Spanish center in New Mexico for the Inquisition.  Strong Spanish influences still remain today.


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