Exploring the Rock Art and Ruins
of SW Colorado and SE Utah

4 Day Private Photo Tour & Photography Workshop





Journey through the canyon and desert country of Colorado and Utah.  We'll do moderate hikes into remote ruin sites of the Anasazi and visit stunning rock art panels that very few people will ever see.  This is true adventure.

The trick to photographing them is to be there in the right season and at the right time of day.  Being 30 minutes late can mean the difference between a stunning, eye-popping photograph and an average washed out image.  We know the locations and we know the timing.  We can also provide the photo tips to be sure you come home with images you'll want to hang on your wall!

We'll start in Moab photographing Barrier Style rock art dating to the late Archaic (pre-Anasazi) of 2000 BC to 1500 AD.  As we move south to Cedar Mesa, Hovenweep National Park and Canyon of the Ancients (Colorado) we visit amazing ruin complexes of the Anasazi and do some night shooting of ruins.  I will carry lighting into the sites and light the ruins from inside, going far beyond the usual "light painting" process.  A hike into The Great Gallery in Central Utah to photograph what may be the largest rock art panel in the Southwest will be included. 

I provide Photoshop sessions as time allows where we will process your images and send you home with the files you need to do professional printing.  Or, I can do the printing for you after your departure, have the prints mounted by DuraPlaq and ship them to you.

 What you will need:

  • A digital SLR camera and its owner’s manual
  • The physical ability to hike at least 50 minutes each way carrying your gear
  • A tripod
  • a remote or cable release
  • Desert-appropriate clothing and sunscreen
  • A small flashlight or headlamp

This is not a scheduled group tour.  This tour is arranged to fit your schedule and your own group that you put together.  The cost of this photo tour is $1859 plus $200 for each additional person up to 4.  Lodging and meals are not included.  This trip is particularly suited to RVers and campers.    50% non-refundable deposit is due upon registration.  Checks, PayPal or cash.  Cancellation due to weather is entirely my decision.  Remember, many of the best photographs happen in changing or inclement weather.


ADD-ON OPTIONS:  Add a sunrise and sunset session in Monument Valley for $800 for 2 people.