Arches, Canyonlands, Cedar Mesa & Monument Valley

3 Day Photo Tour & Photography Workshop

August 11 - 13, 2018      4 Spaces Left

September 7 - 9, 2018   FULL

Our most popular Workshop





This is our most popular group workshop.  Join me for 3 days of desert southwest night photography.  We'll spend 1 night shooting near Green River, Utah, before heading to Cedar Mesa and Monument Valley for 2 nights shooting among the incredible sandstone formations and Anasazi ruins.  During the day there will be options for photo sessions with Navajo females modeling traditional clothing and photographing a herd of Navajo horses handled for us by the Navajo.

Come learn shooting methods and processing techniques for creating stunning images of desert southwest landscapes and night skies.  These workshops are scheduled to coincide with new moons to aid in optimizing images of the Milky Way.   I carry a variety of unique lighting systems that allow me to set up scenes no other workshop providers can do. 

The management of Arches and Canyonlands National Parks have continued their war on photographers by banning light painting and night photography in those parks.  In addition, the overwhelming crowds have made those parks not great choices for night photography workshops.  As a result, I'm moving our base for the first night of this event from Moab to Green River, Utah, where we'll go out in the afternoon to day photography at Head of Sinbad and Black Dragon canyon before breaking for our carry-in sandwiches before doing night photography in Black Dragon Canyon and Buckhorn Wash.

After a night in Moab we'll move south to Cedar Mesa with its densest collection of Anasazi artifacts and ruins in the desert southwest.  On Cedar Mesa we'll hike into ruins where I'll stage lighting both inside and outside the dwellings to produce images with light coming from the windows and doors as if some is home!  The final night we'll spend with Navajo guide Ray Begay in the Monument Valley back country shooting arches and formations not accessible to the public without special permits or Navajo Guides. We'll combine locations in Monument Valley and Mystery Valley.  No other workshop providers have done night photography in Mystery Valley.  Long past are the days of light painting as now I carry in an array of lighting equipment that produces warm steady light and eliminates the haphazard and inconsistent results that light painting produces.  The lights are staged to either eliminate shadows or create shadows that are quite different from images produced with light painting from the same position as the camera is shooting from.




There is a Group Limit of 6 people, and a minimum of 4 people for this trip.  The fee is $995 per person, rooms and food not included.  This includes $250 per person in guide fees to the Navajo guides that must accompany us on the Navajo Reservation.  This is far less money than if you booked all these trips separately.  50% non-refundable deposit due with reservation.  For more information call me at 303-547-0807.  BOOK THIS TRIP EARLY IN ORDER TO SECURE LODGING!

There are optional activities available for this workshop at additional cost: 

  • An afternoon event where female Navajo will model traditional Navajo clothing.  The total cost for this is $250, to be divided among the number of participants.
  • An early morning event where the Navajo will stage horse scenes among the formations.  The fee for this is $400, to be divided among the number of participants.