Ancient Skies Through Ancient Eyes

Night Photography in the Desert Southwest

Colorado Plateau Publishing – 100 pages
Full Color 9 x 12 coffee table book with laminated cover
Printed on heavy, glossy stock 


This book was a labor of love for over 2 years.  The conditions under which the shooting took place were sometimes brutal, including temperatures ranging from +120 to -12 degrees Fahrenheit, wind, snow and a lot of hiking in the dark.  Many of the locations had to be visited multiple times to get the right night sky conditions.  Years-long exchanges with the Bureau of Land Management over the right to do night photography on Federal land culminated with new rules enacted in 2016 making it illegal to place lights on, against, or in ruins.  All of the images in this book that are subject to this rule were shot before this rule went in effect.  Those images can now no longer be legally re-staged.

Bob Maynard is a national award-winning photographer who founded Colorado Plateau Photo Tours in 2009 and has been guiding and instructing photographers ever since.  He has been exploring and the Colorado Rockies and the desert southwest since 1969.

Cindy Maynard is an experienced naturalist with extensive experience teaching and writing about natural history who has been teaching natural history for 13 years, including classes for the UNESCO RARE program in Mexico.  Her descriptions of the locations, the people involved, archaeoastronomy, rock art styles and Anasazi history will make you want to visit all these sites.   

Together, they have produced this gorgeous book of text and photography in a visually stunning format. Printing is done on thick 100# coated paper for long life and a substantial feel.

Reader's Feedback:

Cindy, the book arrived yesterday! So wonderful , congratulations to both of you! It makes me wanna go back right away to see the ones we already know and discover the ones we have never visited before. The night sky is just amazing with the sandstone!


Bob Maynard I received the book yesterday.. it is just wonderful.. I'm so glad I ordered it. Especially since I've been to some of the places you photographed.


Love it.  Began reading the history behind the rock art and images.  Learned things I never knew and technical information on the images that I was unaware could affect the success and/or failure of an image.  I still love your image of the milky way over the arches.  I need to take another workshop with you in ’17.  Carol and I wish you a lot of success with the book.  We are keeping one copy and giving one as a Christmas gift to my brother who is a history professor at the University of Texas, Arlington.  He loves the Southwest and will enjoy the book as much as Carol and I. 


Haven't read all of the text yet, but I love the photos.  Saw one or two that looked like they came from our trip.  Showed it to a couple of my SW hiking buddies and they liked it too.  You may get an additional order or two.  1.  Cindy's text is terrific.  The more I look at it, the more I appreciate her insights and knowledge.  I feel like I know a fair amount about the history of these areas.  Cindy adds to my understanding and presents the material in a highly readable form.

2. The images are terrific, and I am proud to gave been just a small part of your journey.  The highlight of my visits to the Southwest was our hike into Horseshoe Canyon.  I appreciate how physically tough that was on you (and me) and it was a hike to savor.  Great photos too. Thanks for your willingness to do that with me.  I treasure that experience.

3.  Your knowledge of photography and, especially, night skies lighting is amazing.  Your knowledge of great rock art/ruins locations is astounding.  Thanks so much for sharing that with me, as well as your friendship.  We will do something again, and get Joe M to go with us.



Your book arrived today. How fabulous and how beautiful the photographs. It is so cool that you and Cindy did this together. Please advise anyone considering purchasing this beautiful book to do so. They will not be disappointed. Thanks .Bob Taylor. PS the cover leaf inscription is perfect. Not sure how it happened. Great job...


Thank you!!!!! Your price is to low!!!Take it from a capitalistic Republican!!!!! Take care and sell alot



This is a book you’ll want on your coffee table for years to come.


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This handsome book honors one couple's passion for the night skies of the Southwest. Bob's photographs capture the grace of blazing starlit skies, hand-hewn art and nature-hewn canyons. Cindy's words explore the geology, history and archeology of the sites. Ancient Skies through Ancient Eyes invites you to reclaim what you might have lost. It impels you to find your own sky-dark land and take your place under the stars.

 Barbara Richardson
Author of Tributary, Utah Book Award Winner
Editor of the Anthology Dirt: A Love Story

Ancient Skies Through Ancient Eyes takes you on an exciting discovery of the unexpected abundance of ancient rock art in and around the Colorado Plateau of the American Southwest. Their descriptions of the rock art styles along with the many locations this art can be found brought me a much expanded appreciation for the ancient cultures of the American Southwest, particularly with how they observed and explained the mysterious night skies above them. Bob's images will no doubt fuel your own desires to explore these unique locations and learn more about these ancient cultures. And there is no one better than Bob to lead you there.

Doug Bennett
Master Photographer
Craftsman Photographer
Professional Photographers of America