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Client Feedback 

I had the opportunity to take one of Bob's workshops recently, and it was an amazing experience. He knew just where to go to get the best pictures. I would definitely recommend.     David B

Bob Maynard is a patient, knowledgeable teacher of photography. But, also, he is a leader who reads personalities well, knowing who needs help and who wishes to be independent. Bob has led tours for many years, and so, he knows the photo locations well. He is a careful driver in the mountains. Lucky are the ones who ride with him because of his great stories, but, he also gives others an opportunity to tell their stories. This was my first photo trip with Bob, but, I hope it won't be my last. As the reader can tell, I would highly recommend Colorado Plateau Photo Tours/Bob Maynard Photography!           Barb E

I just wanted to thank you for a great trip to the Colorado fall colors!!! 
The group was fantastic and the scenery was beautiful. You picked great locations,
It would be awesome to do another trip with you soon, I am thinking about the Colorado wildflowers workshop!
Thanks again and take care,

Robert Frashure


On my recent trip to Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park, I contracted a photo trip with Bob Maynard’s Colorado Plateau Photo Tours. I reviewed several tour photographers before choosing Bob’s company. I have no doubt that I made the right choice.  As part of my research, I examined sample work provided by each company and discovered Bob’s was hands down the best of the bunch.

Bob assigned Dawn Wilson to work with me because I was mainly interested in wildlife photography which is her specialty. (They are both excellent wildlife and landscape photographers.) Dawn tailor made my tour by focusing on what was most important to me. We started early for a sunrise shoot at Dream Lake with a gorgeous view of Flattop Mountain and Hallet’s Peak. Since I don’t have a lot of experience with landscape photography, Dawn helped with composition and settings to capture the best images. Had I done it alone, it would have taken multiple days to get the shot as she helped me find the best locations and the sun moves so fast that you only have a couple of minutes to get prime images. After working on landscape photos, we started on our search for Big Horn Sheep. The sheep did not cooperate with us that day but along the way we photographed elk, marmots, pika, (SO cute!) red tail hawks, turkey’s, some fun shots of Magpies and shots of a few waterfalls. Dawn went out of her way help me get the photos I wanted even if the animals were in hiding that day. She took extra time with me to go over the shots we captured and offered both critiques as well as processing suggestions. Dawn is an award winning photographer and I was honored to be on the tour with her as my guide.

 As a side note, I also acquired a copy of Bob’s book on photographing Colorado. This is a great book!  I only wish that I had it before the trip. I strongly urge you to read it BEFORE you go. Bob’s book gives specific instructions on when, where and how to take certain images as well as some great back stories on what you will see in Colorado. I highly recommend it.    Dennis M      August, 2017


"I know this email is overdue to you, but I wanted you to know that when the Fed Ex truck pulled up – the excitement was crazy! I was so excited to get the 2 prints that I made 3 customers watch me undo the packaging and show off my prints. What I was not prepared for was the WOW factor of the 3 Gossips done on the plexi glass. I don’t have rhythm, however, you should have seem my happy dance and then I let out quite the “girly squeal.” The 3 Gossips print is in my office and the Cave Tower print is in my foyer at home. I am happy beyond words that you convinced me to spend the extra money to do the plexi glass print for 3 Gossips. It is absolutely amazing. I love having customers stick their head in my office to see the print. I know you “touched up Cave Tower but the colors behind the ruin are fabulous and that was a favorite around here.

Thank you for going the extra mile for me. Participating in one of your workshops is absolutely a fabulous experience (and I promise to be in better shape next time!) I have told several photographer friends of mine here that they should consider doing a trip out to see you. I told them that you get your clients into some amazing places that very few people know about. Couple that with getting to photograph some amazing scenery….I am enjoying making some of my photography friends jealous! I also tell people that they will get so much more than you can imagine for the money spent. Simply put – you have a terrific operation and are a fabulous teacher. I have learned a great deal from you! I look forward to doing more workshops with you!


Anita Sedberry, Little Rock, Arkansas


"I got back home fine, had roughly 12 hours to decompress and went right back to work. I did “process” a few photos and took them to my camera shop. I got lots of oohs and aahs. My best TRUE story is while I was at Dallas-Ft Worth waiting on my flight to Little Rock, I had my computer out going through photos and two business guys were sitting behind me and apparently looking at some of my photos with me.  One offered me $750 for an elk shot that he liked. I will let you know if I see the $$$.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself and look forward to participating in future workshops with you! I have already given out all of the cards you gave me as I have quite a few cutomers that vacation in Colorado so hopefully you will be getting more Arkansas business.

Thanks again!"

Anita (Rocky Mountain National Park)


"This 3 days was amazing.  I had a great time. I loved the hikes and I would love to go back.

Thank you so much."

Elsy      (Trail of the Ancients - Cedar Mesa)


"Wow!  I feel like a real photographer!"



"This 3 days has changed my life.  I've been tasked to return to my conference in a year with a story about what I did to improve my life and my story is going to be about the time I spent with you.  I never thought I could do some of the things you had me doing."

Tony   (Moab 3-day private tour)


"This has been a wonderful experience.  You exceeded my expectations and I couldn't ask for more.  This was well worth what I paid for it.  I plan to return next year and I've already referred you to friends."

Ron   (Moab 2-day private tour)


"This was a wonderful workshop! Bob knows his way around Florida, and where to find wildlife and good opportunities for landscapes. He is a tireless leader, and kept us shooting from dusk to dawn, which I love. Bob is a keen observer of wildlife, and pointed out many opportunities I would have otherwise missed. He is extremely helpful to his attendees, making sure everyone's needs are met. I came home with twice as many excellent pictures as I'd hoped for. Best of all, Bob is really fun to be with. SIGN UP NOW!"

Paul Richman

Pixels by Paul

RE:  The Everglades and the Florida Gulf Coast


"I learned more from you in 1 and a half hours than I've learned in 3 years of taking Photoshop classes."

Vicki Hartung

"Hi Bob.

I can't tell you how much we enjoyed your instructions on taking photos and your "photo flow" on Photoshop. We have taken many more photos and have used your techniques while shooting. I am looking forward to getting back home and working on my photos. Thanks so much for your valued teaching."

Donna & Ravi Sidhu

(Rocky Mountain National Park private photo tour)


"WOW!!!! I am way beyond thrilled…I almost cried! All I kept saying was…”I shot this…I really shot this…I can’t believe I shot this.” I am so happy you talked me into the double stacked framing. I LOVE IT!!! I will be showing off to a few customers tonight and then hanging tomorrow."

Anita S from Arkansas upon receiving her RMNP image that she ahd DuraPlaq'd


These two shots show Jeff and I shooting at the ruins of Cave Tower in Utah. Notice how close we both are to the edge--this is not something we normally do. smile emoticon A big shout out to Bob Maynard who was very patient with us--Jeff doesn't like heights and I am not the best hiking on narrow paths where there is a ledge. Colorado Plateau Photo Tours / Bob Maynard Photography Bob was extremely patient with us and worked with our fears.

Jeff and Julie George, Indianapolis, Indiana

Are all your trips this exciting?

        A client's wife, who accompanied him on the July wildflower workshop (a lot of off-road, four-wheel driving involved)


Client 1 to Client 2:  So where is your next big photography adventure?

Client 2:   Wherever Bob's going!