Any image in the Photo Gallery of the Colorado Plateau Photo Tours website is available for purchase. Many of my images are not in the standard 35mm format ratio of 2 x 3, so please call or email for size availability. My fine art images are printed in 16-bit color on professional archival paper on an HP Designjet Z5400 printer. The Designjet 5400 is the current state-of-the-art in ink printing. The HP archival ink has improved print permanence characteristics that provide lightfastness ratings of up to 108 years for color and over 200 years for black and white under rigorous industry accepted display conditions. All prints are signed. Some prints are only available in Limited Editions of 100Sample Prices:

Print Size               Print Only             Single Float DuraPlaq Mounted                     Double Float DuraPlaq Mounted
12x18                       $200                             $400                                                                      N/A
16x24                       $270                             $500                                                                      N/A
$20x30                     $350                             $600                                                        25x35                $1100
24x36                       $400                             $700                                                        29x41                $1400
Larger Sizes = $0.51/ sq. inch $0.99/ sq. inch

Double Floats have are mounted atop a black back piece that provides a 2.5” border all the way around and is constructed to be spaced off the wall by about 3/8” and with a space between the back piece and the top piece of about 3/8”. This creates shadow lines and a bit of a 3D effect.

For panoramas, use the longest dimension of the print in the chart above.  Shipping costs may vary slightly.  *Shipping costs for double-float Duraplaqs are quoted on an individual basis.

For additional information or to discuss an order please call me at 303-547-0807

                                                                   Bob Maynard