Beautiful Boulder, Colorado enjoys a unique location, nestled at 5,340' elevation against the foothills of the Rocky Mountains.  We believe we are the only city in the country to have more acres in parks and open space than in development.  There are miles of trails for running, walking and biking.  It is home to the University of Colorado, NOAA, the National Bureau of Standards (home of the atomic clock), and Chautauqua.  There are countless photo opportunities within the city and its surrounding parks.  Getting the best images is a bit trickier than most places because of unique lighting conditions caused by the altitude and the mountain backdrop.  We know what time of day to get you to a site in all seasons for the best images, as well as how to access some unique locations for unusual views.



Indian Peaks Wilderness Area

These sessions are for the more intrapid hikers.  Beautiful Diamond Lake and Fourth of July (old mining site) are within an hour's walk.  Diamond Lake sits at treeline and is a great sunrise shot.  Fourth of July mining camp provide great night light-painting opportunities.


Arapahoe and Roosevelt National Forests

These National Forests connect the Indian Peaks Wilderness Area with Rocky Mountain National Park.  Several Boulder County parks and open space are in this area as well as ghost towns, mining towns and panoramic views.