The Bird Shaman Archaeoastronomy Panel

February 19th, 2016

This panel is in Anasazi Ridge near St. George, Utah.  It is a summer solstice marker.  The light castings come through a hole at the top of the cliff behind the rock panel.  The hole was clearly chiseled by humans.

At 8:37 AM on the summer solstice a spear of light appears in the left hand of the large bird shaman figure in the lower left:


At 8:45 AM this spear disappears and re-appears in the left hand of the shaman figure immediately above. This spear of light then disappears:


Twelve minutes later the spear of light re-appears in the right hand of the of the large bird shaman figure in the lower left. This spear disappears three minutes later:


Next, a light form begins to appear in the bottom center of the rock and slowly grows to resemble a snake. The snake moves up the rock until it envelops the time spiral in the center of the rock. It then disappears and the sequence is finished at 9:35 AM:



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